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Pay tribute to workers! FEREX Plug-in Group won the May Day Labor Award of Guangdong Province

Release time:2018-05-11

The golden medal tells about the beauty of the work and the hard worksupports the Chinese dream.On the afternoon of April 26th,Shenzhen celebratesMay 1st 2018 International Labor Day Conference held in ShenzhenHall,Congratulations to the festival belonging to all the laborers.ShenzhenFEREX as a professional committed to high-end electronics manufacturing serviceproviders, through decades of development, as well as the accumulation ofmanufacturing process technology and Shendian, to create a craftsman spirit,focus on innovation to promote transformation and upgrading, improve qualityand efficiency.With the steady development of the company and socialcontribution, the manufacturing of the second plug-in group was awarded the“Guangdong May Labor Award” honorary title by the Guangdong ProvincialFederation of Trade Unions for its outstanding work performance.

The union chairman Comrade of FEREXLi Gang representative award

In the past year, under the leadership of the group company and theleadership team led by Chairman Liang Xiaojun, the company’s broad masses ofworkers and staff have vigorously promoted the great character of the workingclass, loved and respected the work, and were dedicated to work, forge ahead,and forging ahead in their respective ordinary lives. Unusual performance inthe job.In the past year, FEREX has seized the opportunities it should seize,broke through innovation, actively pursued transformation and development,overcomes a large number of technical difficulties in the industry, andaccumulated a wealth of advanced chipset card manufacturing processes. As aresult of technological experience, a number of outstanding advanced teams andadvanced individuals have emerged. This is the best affirmation and praise forthe May 1st Labor Award in Guangdong Province.

Chairman LiangXiaojun called on all employees of the company to follow advanced models asexamples, strengthen their ideals and convictions, study and implement XiJinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, vigorouslypromote the spirit of labor model, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, work hard,be a pioneer, and establish a foothold Positions, down-to-earth efforts tocarry forward the spirit of special daring to dare to try, dare to be the firstperson, to become the forerunners, supporters, promoters and participants ofreform and innovation in the new period.

Shenzhen FEREX adhering to the concept of quality first and customerfirst, it promotes the spirit of craftsmen, pursues the strategic goal ofintelligent manufacturing and quality wins, and relies on the advantages of theinnovation platform of the Group and Shenzhen Jiuzhou Investment andDevelopment Company and the manufacturing base of Jiuzhou Industrial Park asits main manufacturing base, dedicated to the development of high-endmanufacturing. Provide customers with high-quality computer motherboards,graphics GPU computing devices, in-depth development of industrial IPC, IoThardware applications, automotive electronics and medical electronics productsmanufacturing and digital terminal products manufacturing. After decades ofaccumulation, the standardized management system has advanced manufacturingequipment and production technology, complete testing methods and reliableenvironmental testing equipment, and a complete supply chain system to providecustomers with convenient procurement and manufacturing. One-stop service fortransportation, import and export.We will continue to produce competitive andinfluential products in the market to ensure the continued healthy developmentof the company and to bear the pride of the national manufacturing industry.

 Shenzhen FEREX has taken rootin Shenzhen,insist on Industry Serve the Country, Practice and Rejuvenate, madeimportant contributions to the group and local economy,it has been listed as athrough-train company, import, export, and large taxpayer in Shenzhen for manyyears.In the course of business development, the company has graduallydeveloped a unique corporate culture, Promote the core values of "caring,sharing, integrity, responsibility, quality, service",and activelypractice social responsibility.Obtained significant economic and socialbenefits.Has won the top 100 import and export enterprises in Shenzhen City,the top ten import and export enterprises in Guangming New District, the top100 taxpayers,Shenzhen and Guangming New District Advanced Collective,Guangdong Provincial Model Staff Home,Advanced women workers collective,PioneerWorkers,Shenzhen Work Injury Prevention Advanced Unit,New District Ping AnEnterprise Creates Standard Unit etc many provinces, cities, districts,honorary titles.

This award is the only enterprise group inGuangming New District that won the Guangdong Province Labor Award. It is afull affirmation of FEREX's pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation.Will encourage the company to continue to carry forward the spirit ofinnovation, craftsmanship we are advancing towards the grand goal of “100 yearsof Jiuzhou, 100 billion market value”.  

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